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My research focus is governance and climate change. I interrogate laws, policies, and practices that will address both the problem of climate change and adaptation to the changing climate. I have participated and led research projects focusing on aspects of governance including water, agricultural producer livelihoods, drought, flood, and energy. The geographical focus of my study is western Canada and South America.

I have participated in inter-disciplinary projects employing a diverse range of methods and involving an array of disciplines. My personal ontological framework is critical realism. Most recently I have utilized methodological frameworks of transition management and a multi-level institutional analysis.

Ultimately governance is about societal decision-making. Societal decision-making involves government, business, non-governmental and non-profit organizations and people. Combining governance with my background in law focuses my research on issues of justice. My passion ispursuing justice, a daunting endeavour. I apply my eighteen years of practising law in a diversity of contexts (helping people with problems relating to the environment, farming, employment, criminal justice system, human rights, and business) to this endeavour. I also apply my experience as Assistant General Counsel of SaskPowerdeveloping energy law, regulation and policy, working with business partners, trade unions, and the public.

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